The Worst Advice You Will Ever Get About SEO

Having the right SEO strategy is critical to maximize opportunities on the natural search landscape. To get your website SEO act right, you need the services of one of the best search engine optimization consultants with expertise in harnessing the whole range of activities, from the technical to the creative. However, it may not be possible to get the right SEO advice.


Some digital marketing services in their overt enthusiasm to push the limits of search engine optimization often miss the fine line between what is correct and what will not work. Here are a few examples of the terrible advice we have ever heard about SEO.

Keyword Stuffing:

This is an importunate myth in SEO and revolves around keyword density concept. Stuffing your page with keywords for gaining relevancy is a bad idea. Using keywords without any relevance and which makes the flow of content very jarring can have disastrous consequences. Some experts still feed on the concept that keyword density is an important metric. The best way: Use keywords intelligently while remaining focused on usability.

Article Marketing:

This is an outdated idea which worked remarkably well a few years ago. It worked on the concept of spinning many versions of one article and putting them on different websites to get a link back to your site. But with Google getting smarter, this idea won’t do your SEO campaign any good. Its improved algorithm will see such articles as spam and junk it. Writing unique content for third party sites through guest blogging is a better SEO strategy.

Buying Links:

This is an SEO idea that was a rage for some time a few years ago but is now completely irrelevant. If you have an SEO services consultant advising you to buy links that promises top page ranking, you can be sure that the consultant lives in a cave. Companies that sell such links are undoubtedly dubious and will have scant respect for White Hat SEO. The Link Wheel or Link Pyramid idea they propagate is designed to protect you but it will only be a matter of time before the ever-evolving Google algorithm discovers your mischief. Your website may be even banned. So beware!

Multiple Ads Above The Fold:

If your digital marketing consultant suggests placing many ads above the folder which is that part of the page visible to users without scrolling, the consultant is clearly not a guy with an ear to the ground. Google had rolled Page layout Algo updates in 2014 which targeted websites showing too many ads above the fold section and have too little content at the above fold. The refresh from Google requires you to place the ads below fold. Non-compliance can result in stringent penalties. Change those ad numbers and change your SEO advisor pronto!

A Heavily Stuffed And Cluttered Home Page:

Undoubtedly, your home page should be able to provide visitors the information they are looking for quickly. But that does not mean you must put all the information you have got on your Home Page. It can not only create a cluttered look but can make loading time longer – a completely undesirable thing. Do not go with the advice of putting a lot of stuff on the main page of your website. There are ways of sharing information more effectively and efficiently with latest technologies.

Having 100% of your links going to your homepage is not recommended. A good percentage of the links must go to your internal pages as well because search engines will not rank your website on the basis of your home page but will be looking your website as a whole for ranking purpose.

With all worst that has been said, there requires a need of a genuine Digital Marketing company that can guide businesses on how to acquire a sincere corporate identity that leads to sales.

This is a contribution by Kanika Khanna from Togglers Innovation Lab.