Is Snapchat Good for Business? [INFORAPHIC]

Many businesses have already been convinced about the value of some social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For them, it’s an opportunity to reach an existing community and connect with potential customers. But some newer social media platforms, such as Snapchat, may not be on many businesses’ radar. That’s too bad, because Snapchat offers some distinct advantages for developing a business.

Snapchat is a relatively new platform that offers users the opportunity to create short videos that disappear. Like other forms of social media, it allows followers and icons, among other tools.

Snapchat is inexpensive and offers creative freedom. It’s rife with a sense of urgency, and its users tend to be buyers, too. There are simple tips you can follow that can help build a solid and growing Snapchat following.

Use this guide to learn more about what Snapchat is and how to use it to help your business.



Check out the original infographic from Surepayroll.

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