Top 5 Ways to Create an Unforgettable Product Launch


If you’re thinking of creating a new product for your business, then how to create an unforgettable launch for the product should be one of your priorities. Anyone that has handled a product launch for a small business knows that creating a viral moment for a new product can sometimes be a daunting task.

What methods should be applied to avoid a dull atmosphere for your coming product launch? I will be sharing with you steps, tips and details to observe in order to achieve an unforgettable product launch.

#1. Build an Audience

To create a successful product launch, your first step would be to build an audience that is willing to buy your product.

If you already have a blog or website for your business, building an audience that will buy your product should not be as difficult as when you’re starting from scratch. But it’s not impossible to have a successful launch with a new website.

Intensify your marketing through content marketing and inbound marketing and Increase the popularity of your website by getting featured in top industry publications.

Create round ups and interview experts and thought leaders in your industry and publish the result on your blog. You will gain more audience when they share your content with their followers.

To build a more targeted and better receptive audience, focus the subject of your content on the theme of your product. Be as narrow as possible, but widen your reach by reaching out to more experts and publications.

A successful inbound marketing plan should help you build an audience that will promote your product when it’s finally launched.

#2. Warm-up Your Audience

There is nothing worse than releasing a product without talking about it beforehand. Unless you’re Beyoncé, you want to warm-up your audience before finally releasing your new product.

Start with publishing series of blog posts, social media updates and, if your budget is ample enough, paid ads to promote your product. Promotion for a new product cannot be too much, so you want to take advantage of every possible avenue you have.

Do several email broadcasts to your email subscribers about the product while it is still in the incubator. Do several more rounds after it’s been completed. However, avoid wearing your subscribers out; you don’t want to end up losing your subscribers.

Create a short-term content marketing strategy for your product before it is released. This content marketing strategy should be geared towards creating an atmosphere of expectation and desire in your audience.

Through this method, you can capture early buyers by funnelling them to a well-optimized landing page. The landing page should be dedicated to your upcoming product, covering details about the product, its benefits and why it’s worth the price.

#3. Price, Time, and Space

What do you want to charge for your product? When are you planning to make the big announcement? What platform are you using to get your product across to your intended buyers?

All these little, but highly impactive details need a lot of attention.

  • Pricing your product right: the best approach to getting at a perfect price for your product is to study your competitors. How much is your biggest competitor selling a similar product for? Can you drop a few cents off that price to woo more buyers? You may not have the audience and influence that your competitor has, so giving a moderate reduction in price should help you attract more buyers.
  • Timing: Discover when the best time to release your product is. The early sales will help set the mood for the future of your product. You don’t want to start off with poor sales due to poor timing. Study what affects people’s spending behaviour: such as mood, occasion, and festivity. This will help you avoid releasing your product when no one is willing to spend.
  • Platform: Your website should serve as the primary platform for handling the sales transaction of your product, but you also need the service of a merchant processor, packaging, and shipping company(when applicable).


Timing and pricing are very important elements in the success of every product launch. If the price is too good to be true, no one wants to buy your product. If the price is too high, you will unwittingly scare genuine buyers away. If your product is released during a time when people are under financial stress, it will reflect on your sales and this will affect the result of your product launch.

Take good care to make sure everything is carefully planned and well taken care of before the final release.

#4. Endorsement and Association

This is what big brands do very well. You should also employ this tactic to give your product a positive and receptive welcome when it’s finally released. Get influencers to endorse your product. This might come at a price, such as giving out your product to influencers at no cost, but the reward far outweighs the price.

Associating your brand with other big brands during this period will also give your public image a big boost, easing the sale of your product.

#5. A Reliable Web host

This should go without saying. You should have a trustworthy and reliable web host backing you up and powering your website during this period. The last thing you want when your product is finally released is nagging with your hosting customer care agent due to a server downtime.

Situations like this can be terribly heartbreaking and the best way to handle it is to prevent it from happening. You can warn your hosting service provider beforehand so that you can avoid unpleasant surprises, or move to a trustworthy and more reliable hosting provider.


Have you determined what new product you want to release? All you need to do is follow the tips I’ve outlined in this blog post and watch your product make its way into the lives of many. Do you need an inbound marketing agency to support you in your next product launch? Make sure to get in touch with us at Effective Inbound Marketing.

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