Interview With Freelance Writer and Blogger Ryan Biddulph

Ryan_Biddulph_blogger_freelance_writerWriting is the life and blood of content marketing, and if you can successfully master blogging and writing, your content marketing efforts would yield more results.

Today, I’m bringing you successful blogger, freelance writer and entrepreneur, Ryan B. He is the founder of A lot of you might know him through his travel lifestyle and island pictures. Today, Ryan will be sharing some of the strategies and secrets he employs to build a successful freelance writing and blogging business.

And if you’re interested, he just published a book on Amazon titled “How to Find Your Writing Voice”. I think it’s going to be a great read and you should definitely get yourself a copy.

Q1. Thank you for joining me! Will you please share why you decided to become a blogger?

I LOVED the idea of being free. Freedom and fun drove me. Also, hating the 9-5 world LOL. Also, being fired ;)

Q2. You have a new book on Amazon titled “How to Find Your Writing Voice”, what do you think are the key takeaways for writers and content marketers in this book?

I figure that this eBook is about being your authentic self, shining, and inspiring like-minded folks. Readers are sending me feedback like, “This eBook gave me permission to be me, the raw, unedited writer how I REALLY am.”

You can be a best selling author on Amazon by finding your writing voice. And that voice may not be polished or finished. This read just gives bloggers permission to write how they speak, to have fun, to cut through the fear of criticism, and to stand out from the millions of other bloggers online.

Q3. As a writer and content marketer, what challenges do you face the most and how do you overcome them?

The main challenge is sticking to what’s fun to me.

This writing and marketing bit is an energy game. Meaning, if you have fun and trust in the process you will expand your presence stupid quickly. Sometimes I move away from having fun to working hard. Big mistake. Because if you work hard, you’ll need to work harder down the road, and’ll breakdown. Trust me. Been there done that.

I overcome this by meditating regularly, taking frequent breaks and dropping everything if I feel stressed or worried. This keeps me inspired, fun-loving, and relaxed, which is where the real me and my wacky writing voice comes out.

Q4. What are your top blogging secrets, and how can they be applied to build a successful online business?

1 secret: follow your fun.

Do not chase money. What is chased, flees.

Do not chase fame. Fame runs away from a desperate blogger.

Let money and fame and a dream life flow to you by having fun, and by trusting in the Universe to assist you. This detaches you from the worries which cripple most bloggers and lets your creativity flow.

Q5. Since creating BFP from start to success, you must have acquired a lot of business experience along the way, what would be your best advice for start-up founders who want to make it in the online world?

Follow your fun.

Follow your fun.

Follow your fun.

Your passion precedes business profits. Your passion carries you through obstacles. Because no obstacle can stop you if you’re in this game for the fun of it, for the passion of it.

Q6. What are your favourite content marketing strategies?

Blog commenting is fun for me, and guest posting rocks too.

I dig twitter marketing too.

Q7. How do you approach inbound marketing to grow your freelance writing business?

Not really too big on inbound marketing, or outbound.

I just enjoy the ride, build stronger friendships with old friends, and build new bonds with new friends. All else takes care of itself.

Q8. You travel a lot and you share your trips with your readers and followers, what is the greatest travel experience you’ve had but have not shared publicly?

I twice saw the Prince of Thailand drive by in a motorcade.

50 brand new Mercedes were in the procession. I had to stand still. Almost everybody was cleared off the streets.

The Royal Family in Thailand is viewed like gods. It’s really neat to see it in the first person.

Q9. How do you manage to combine travelling with running your business, do you have any time management secrets you apply?

Do what’s fun, so you do a good job. Make sure you are in business for the joy of your niche, so you never need to work. I love blogging and travelling so I play, and when I play, I waste little time online.

Q10. Do you have any final words you would like to share with us?

Do what you love to do online and you’ll find opportunities you’d never see if you were a slave to money, or traffic, or sales, or customers.

Thanks for interviewing me Ayodeji!


Ayodeji’s Note: That’s a wrap! And it’s a pleasure having you here, Ryan! I hope you all enjoyed the interview and the great insights from my guest Ryan! Don’t forget to join in the conversation in the comments section.

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