Direct mail marketing: How to Generate and Convert Leads into Customers

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When firms used to market themselves through the postal system; potential customers would receive a small gimmick and be excited about the post! Today, between the fixation on social media and the level of junk going through someone’s letter box, it is extremely difficult to create a campaign which truly stands out.

However, it is possible to make a good direct marketing campaign and increase your customer base. This article will cover how to do this in 10 simple ways.


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#1. Get to know your customer

The first principle of any marketing campaign is to know which type of customer you are going after; young, old, active or not? The more you know about your typical customer the easier it will be to target them.

Knowing who your customer is will help you create mail content that will easily connect with them and help them warm up to receiving regular mails from your business.

To show your customers that you care about them, you can implement the following strategies:

  • Address them by their first name
  • Target the content of the direct mail to suit their needs
  • Use unique identifyiers to create in them a sense of closeness

#2. Build a list

Once you know where to look for your customers you can build a list. You may even find it expensive but beneficial to purchase a ready-made mailing list. You do not want to blanket an area or market; you want to send your information to those who have a good chance of buying.

It is important to note that there are a variety of different mailing lists on the internet; the main ones are specialty, custom and clone. Choose the right one for your needs.

You should consider the following when building your list.

  • What market segment the users in a list fall into
  • How can you personalize the mail for the users in the list?
  • Can you keep the list focused and optimized?

#3. Design the best marketing campaign

Having chosen who to target, you need to design your marketing campaign. The first thing your mailing needs to do is attract the attention of the potential customer. The best way to do this is to place something interesting inside the envelope. The shape will intrigue the customer.  Ideally the product should also be useful and remind the customer of your brand.


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A well designed marketing direct mail would have some of the following qualities.

  • Incorporate the brand in the design
  • Blend aesthetically with the colors that match the identity of your company
  • Appeal to the readers

#4. Propose them a headline they can’t resist

Most readers will scan your heading and the first couple of lines of the mailing. If you have not managed to hook them instantly then your mailing will likely end up in the bin. Make the first line your proposition to them; the reasons why this is a good deal for them can follow afterwards, once you have their attention.

Your headline should make the readers react in any of the following ways.

  • Want to read the whole content of your mail
  • Instantly engage them
  • Make them anticipate getting your messages

#5. Samples

If possible include a sample of your product. This will provide the customer with a sample of your product and inspire them to use them. Once they have used your product they may not want to use anything else!

Your product samples will help whet the appetite of the readers for your products, making it easy to convert them into customers.

Your samples should invoke the following reactions in your readers:

  • Increase their interest in your products
  • Fill them with the desire to know more about the brand behind the sample
  • Win them over to your brand as consumers

#6. Put your creativity to good use

Your message needs to inspire people. This means creating something which is different from the generic stuff people receive through the post. If you can make it personal this will be even better. The point of direct mailing is quality, not quantity.

If you can send a potential customer something that makes them think of you and your business simply because it is different then you are two thirds of the way to closing the deal.

#7. Mail lift

This new product will allow you to send a personalized message to your entire customer base, or just to a targeted segment. The message will be printed out to look like it has been handwritten. This creates a personal touch which will inspire your customer. This product can be linked with your current customer database and will automate almost all the process!

#8. Value

To stand out you need to offer your customer something extra. This may be a free gift or a sample or it may be an innovative way of displaying your marketing. Imagine receiving a piece of paper which turns onto an ornamental swan; you will certainly keep it and are likely to remember the firm which delivered it.

When readers perceive value from your content, they are more likely to invest in your brand. Customers who receive valuable content from brands often share the following traits:

  • Trust in the brand
  • They stay loyal with the brand once they’ve become customers
  • They are more likely to talk about it with their friends

#9. Partners

To help spread the cost and improve the quality of the offering and the sample product, partner your marketing campaign with someone who sells a complimentary product. This will also allow you to expand your customer base!


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#10. Stamps

As a final point it is essential to use a stamp on your mailing. Customers know when something has been mass marketed by the fact that the envelope looks like it has come from a machine. A stamp is personal and it will instantly draw attention. Your potential customers will surely be interested to find what’s in it.

Appeal to their curiosity and hook them with the savviest techniques.

Generating more leads and transforming them into clients is easier said than done; and yet, it’s not something impossible to do either. Focus your attention on direct mail marketing, and connect to people on a deeper, more personal level. This will draw their attention and keep them engaged.

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