How to Find the Right Blogs for Your Guest Post


Finding the right blog to host your guest post is not a very easy task. Some of the mainstream blogs you read everyday are usually bombarded with guest post submission offers, and your chances of getting placed on one of these blogs might not be very strong. So, you want to look for ways to get blogs with a respectable level of traffic and is open to guest post submission.

This blog post will show you how to find the right blogs that will host your guest post. I will also go into details on the steps to take to make your guest blogging process easy and successful.


#1. Determine if the Blog is a Good Fit

The first step to consider when you’re about to make a guest posting proposition to another blog is to determine if the blog is going to be a good fit. Making a guest post contribution on a blog that does not fit well might end up as a waste of energy and resources. The following steps should be considered in order to determine if a blog is going to be a good fit for you or not.

  • Find out if the blog is related to yours: is the blog related to your website? Getting published on a blog that is closely related to yours can help you drive targeted traffic that can result in sales. Traffic from unrelated blogs or publications on the other hand is useless.
  • How often is the blog updated?: find out if a blog is well updated before making a move to submit a guest post. A regularly updated blog shows signs of life and activity around the blog. A blog that was last updated in 5 months may not bring you any good results.
  • Use Domain Authority (DA) to Measure Blog Quality: you want to make sure the blog you’re looking to get published on has strong ranking signals. The most reliable way to measure the quality signal of a blog is through Moz’s Domain Authority(DA) Checker. This tool rates websites on a score of 0 to 100. Sites like Facebook and Google have a score of 100, so don’t be heartbroken if yours is far below that. Use Open Site Explorer to check a website’s DA.


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#2. How to Convince a Blog to Accept Your Guest Post Offer

For someone who has done a lot of guest posting in the past, I know it’s not easy convincing bloggers to accept your guest post offer. And this is even more uncertain with higher authority blogs. But there are ways to work it out and make your guest posting proposal a success.

  • Research them first: having a clear background knowledge of the blog you’re interested in guest posting on is the basic step for a successful guest blogging campaign. You should have an understanding of the blog’s tone, audience and the author of the blog.
  • Use a catchy subject line: when you’re sending a pitch for your guest post request, the subject of your email is your first opportunity to sell yourself to the host blogger. This is why experts recommend spending a major amount of time on crafting the subject line. A killer email subject line guarantees your email will be read.
  • Draft a convincing email: Now to the main part of your pitch. Your email itself should be crisp, concise, sweet and straight to the point. Everybody is busy, and no one likes a rambler. So go straight to the point and convince the blogger in few words why you’re a good match.
  • Include samples of your previous guest posts: You know what’s so wrong about not including samples? It does not give you the opportunity to prove your experience. Bloggers would rather host a guest author with a proven track record of creating high quality posts, than someone with no proven track record.

#3. How to Find Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Now down to the main aspect of this post. How do you go about finding the blogs that you’re going to send your guest posts to? There are several ways to come across new blogs that are worth giving a trial, and almost all of them require a little bit of tweaking in order for you to get the best result from them.

Below are some processes that work very well.

  • Use Google Search: If you’re looking for a quality blog to host your article, you might as well find the ones that rank well in Google. Head over to and input the following search queries:

              “Your keyword + “submit guest post”

              “Your niche + write for us”

“Your niche + guest contribution”

You should try other variations of these search queries in order to increase your chances of getting more prospects. The blogs that rank higher in Google when you use this method have greater chances of helping your website see improved SEO results.


  • Use Blogs from Lists: the internet is filled with list articles featuring blogs that accept guest posts. These list articles are a goldmine as they list some of the best blogs in any industry they cover. For example check out the top 68 digital marketing sites that accept guest posts.
  • Use twitter: you can also use twitter to find guest posting opportunities. Just use the hashtag “#submitguestpost”, “#writeforus” and other similar hashtags to find tweets where bloggers are requesting for guest authors.

#4. How to Create High Performing Guest Posts

If you want your guest post to perform very well, you need to invest effort to create content that will wow your audience and give them great value for their time. While creating high quality content is not very easy, there’s usually a formula to coming up with high performing articles. Try some of the following methods to create guest posts that perform very well.

  • Look for authority articles and improve on them: sometimes, you do not have to reinvent the wheel before you create high quality content. You can find already powerful blog post by someone else and create an even better version of it.
  • Create list posts: list posts are usually very successful because of how easy they are to digest and the value they pack. Another reason to create lists posts? They’re easy!
  • Improve on a version of your best performing post: do you have any previous posts that have performed well? Giving new life to your existing but successful blog posts and submitting it as a guest post is a good way to create high performing guest posts.



Guest blogging is still one of the most powerful methods to grow your website traffic and improve sales. Use the methods that I’ve outlined in this post to make your guest blogging campaign a success. Also if you need a professional hand in your guest blogging campaign, don’t forget to get in touch.

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