Ways to Attract Customers by Communicating Directly With Them

Do you want to attract prospects, keep them engaged and convert them into potential customers for your business? Do you want them to keep coming back for more? Well then content marketing, direct mail marketing, and social media marketing are the best tools you can use to make a name of yourself and drive your business to success. The key is to build a connection between potential customers, social media and content marketing.


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How to attract potential customers

Before taking any action answer yourself the following question: what solutions do you have? Your main objective is to create awareness and ensure that your solution has everything required to meet the needs of the buyers when it’s time for them to make a decision. Successful companies have gotten to the conclusion that social networking sites are an excellent way of communicating with prospective customers. Proper content will point people in the right direction and thus persuade them to make informed decisions.

Informational articles are an excellent way to attract new customers. Social network users consume, share and curate a lot of content on a daily basis. Often times, a short description or a headline with a link to a company website can do a lot of good to that prospective business.  Another great method to attract customers and raise awareness of your services and products is through seminars and informational webinars. These can prove that you’re experienced and that you know what you’re talking about.


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Ditch irrelevant content

When attempting to win over customers it is important to make your sentences sound crystal-clear. If there’s a way to omit a paragraph, word or even a whole sentence, then do it. For instance, if you’re selling lawnmowers the customer won’t want to know your company’s history; he’ll be more interested to know why your product is better than what your competitor has to offer. Try not to assume that your audience is already interested in what you have to sell. You can’t be sure of that fact. Focus of making them seem interested and they’ll want to hear more.

A lot of business owners are passionate about their company. They’re too focused on the actual sale, and thus they forget that what matters most is the customer and not the product. Provided that you can make customers seem happy, your chances of making them buy will increase.

Don’t name things before explaining them first

If your business operates in a domain that uses jargon or specific terminology, it is important that you explain the terms before asking your audience to understand the concept. A lot of people won’t understand what you’re trying to say, which is why it’s always a good idea to offer an explanation before starting a marketing campaign. For instance, as the owner of an insurance company your customers might be familiar with the terms deductibles and copays; however they may be not be aware of the difference between the two.

Be explicit when having a conversation and clarify that a deductible is actually money paid by a customer before an insurance policy; this way everyone will understand what you mean and you’re all on the same page.

Use metaphors wisely

Believe it or not, using metaphors is an excellent way of explaining tricky concepts and specific terminology. Your clients will be able to relate to a metaphor better than to the core explanation of a word or phrase. For instance, if your business is selling complicated software tools, it’s easier for them to understand that the key to running a restaurant is the staff; and that the staff is in charge of keeping customers happy. Your software tools do the exact same thing; protect your data thus protecting your clients too.


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Last but not least, just be yourself when having a conversation with your customers and don’t hesitate to bring in a little humor to loosen up the atmosphere and make everyone involved feel relaxed. Studies show that as human beings, we’re far more open to a conversation when the speaker can make us laugh. Of course that doesn’t mean telling funny jokes. It means finding a way to become more personable and approachable. This way you’ll become memorable, not to mention that your product might pique their interest too.

This is a guest contribution by Christopher Austin and Romax.co.uk!

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