9 Ways to Win at Content Marketing in 2016

How do you intend to keep up with the demands of content marketing in 2016? With so many looking to ramp up their content production in 2016, keeping up with the tide might not be as easy as it seems. You need to not only produce content enough to match and beat the demands from your audience, you also need to deliver the quality that will meet their needs.

If the demands of creating content that will help your brand make an impact in 2016 worries you, this blog post will show you what measures you can take to win at content marketing in this year. Also, you need not to worry about the tips I am sharing here going obsolete, as they will also be effective in the years to come.

#1. Step-up on High Quality Content

The best way to secure your position with content marketing is to produce only high-quality content for your audience. Your content should be the type that will make the audience feel that they’ve made the best use of their time after being on whichever platform you’re using.

This means you should take the required efforts needed to see that any discussion you’re entering into is covered in-depth. Avoid unnecessary redundancy and shun details that won’t contribute to the sensibility of what you’re sharing.

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#2. Use User-Experience to Shape Content Decisions

As users are increasingly becoming more engaged with brands that use content marketing, making them a part of it is only essential. Create room in your content marketing plan to accommodate what experiences your users have been through.

This will go a longer way to make your brand a part of their lifestyle. Achieving this status is what B2C companies need to especially focus on.

You can start by showcasing how your users are making use of your products. Or share the experience they feel when they take delivery of your products and services. Just sharing this with the rest of your audience will create the desire to want the same experience in your audience.

The result is that more prospects will become active customers and your active customers will gradually become brand ambassadors.

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#3. Document Your Approach


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Taking a documented approach to content marketing is very essential to success. As more brands are adopting different content marketing strategies in 2016, the ones that take the effort to document their strategies will be able to keep track of their success and failures.

It’s even vital to keep record of your content marketing approach in order to achieve the sense of accomplishment.

A Content Marketing Institute’s annual research showed that those with a documented content marketing strategy are far more likely to see themselves as effective at their campaign efforts and also feel significantly less overwhelmed with every aspect of content marketing.

#4. Diversify Your Content Channels

Bring more diversity into your content marketing channels to create more thrust in 2016.

Being laser-focused might bring effective results, but it’s time to open more doors by testing other channels. Social media is particularly experiencing an overwhelming expansion and sticking to just one platform might leave you with the feeling of being left behind in 2016 as you see more social sites experience huge growth.

For example, to show how serious social media sites are focusing on growth, Twitter has been said to be experimenting with the idea of expanding their tweets from 140 to 10,000 characters. This means Twitter is preparing itself up for the accommodation of brands that have not taken their platform seriously in the past.

#5. Invest in Unique Content

Unique content will take more efforts and resources, but you will reap huge from this approach. You do not need to reinvent the wheel here. Putting a little more resources into each content your produce might just be all that you need to create content that is unique for your audience.

Brands that invest in creating unique content will generally see an increase in engagement compared to those that serve up the same old stuff to their audience.

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#6. Involve Your Team in Your Content Marketing Effort

Content marketing has never been easy, and don’t expect it to be in 2016. This is when you should involve your team in your content marketing effort.

Where should you look forward to when you want to create a content marketing team? To get the best results, you should involve employees that constantly interact with the customers. Their expertise and professionalism in this area, coupled with the experience they’ve garnered from interacting with customers over the years is just want you need to form a solid team for your content marketing structure.

Your employees will give you the opportunity to augment your content marketing effort with original content with a feel of exclusivity and insider information.

#7. Infuse Your Content with a Human Feel

How well are you connecting with your audience through content marketing? Consumers today want brands that acts more human. This means you should start getting rid of overly corporate-speak and industry jargon that might alienate your audience from connecting with your brand.

Putting a real human face to your blog post and social media profile every now and then will also do the trick. Humanizing your brand will also help to create trust between your brand and your consumers. This means they will be more patient with how you resolve their complaints and will also be less aggressive/critical when interacting with your brand online.

#8. Create More Video Content

With more consumers using their mobile smartphones and tablets in place of the desktop, the need for easy-to-consume content increases. In this regard, video is the undisputed king.

Your users will look forward to content that don’t require them to constantly scroll or zoom on their devices. Brands that are swift to take advantage of this consumer culture will remain more memorable in the mind of consumers.

Video content is also easier to create and requires less brainstorming. From creating explainers, to tutorials or simple product introductions, your audience will prefer it in video format.

#9. Be Consistent

To be successful with content marketing in 2016, it’s very vital to be committed to a consistent content schedule.

Your plans should show how you intend to keep up with your content schedule in order not to fall short of the expectations of your audience. Consistency will create an atmosphere of credibility and trust between the audience and your brand as they learn to depend on you as a credible source of information.

To avoid starting with a schedule that will seem unrealistic later down the line, you might create a content marketing strategy that gives room for flexibility and scaling.


With a concrete plan and a dedication to actualize it, content marketing should help you create a strong brand among your audience.

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