Top 100 Internet Marketing Blogs to Read Often, With RSS and Twitter Feeds

Are you looking for the best internet marketing blogs to read in the coming year?

This list comprises of 100 internet marketing blogs that produce superior content on link building, SEO, content marketing and every other digital marketing topics.

I’m certain that whatever internet marketing related questions you might need answers to, these are the best blogs to answer them.

It’s not a perfect list, so I must have missed some excellent blogs. But you can mention any blog you think should have been included in the comment section. If you think your blog ought to have been in this list, do not hesitate to mention it.

For your convenience, I’ve also added the RSS and Twitter feed of each blog. Click to follow the blog of your choice on twitter or add it to your RSS feed.

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#1. (RSS)Backlinko is run by Brian Dean. The blog publishes tough-to-beat tips tutorials on link building and content marketing. Backlinko is best known for Brian’s breakthrough article on Google’s 200 ranking factors.

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#2. PointBlankSEO. (RSS) Jon Cooper shares articles on using creativity to gain backlinks, and tutorials on tools that will help your link building efforts.

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#3. Vertical Measures. (RSS) Vertical Measuers publishes articles on SEO, link building and content marketing. Add VM to your read list and get familiar with awesome link building tips from the pros.

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4. Blog. (RSS) With a focus on SEO, web marketing and strategies, the Moz Blog features contributions from internet marketing experts. The blog is updated daily.

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#5. SearchEngineWatch. (RSS) SEW features articles on SEO, search marketing news and updates and general internet marketing topics. The blog is updated on average 3 to 4 times daily.

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#6. SEER Interactive. (RSS) Want to know what keeps the multiple award winning link building agency on top of its game? Add SEER to your daily RSS read and stay up to date on the latest link building and SEO tips and tutorials from the blog.

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#7. Internet Marketing Ninjas. (RSS) With contributions from Jim (the CEO and founder), Ann Smarty (founder of MyBlogU) to the several top executives at IMN, the blog is daily updated with tips on content marketing, link building and SEO.

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#8. (RSS) PageOnePower is a trusted provider of link building services and covers everything about link building on its blog, PageOnePower also allows contributors to write on its blog, which means there’s always a fresh and unique view to what is shared on the blog.

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#9. Link Moses Private. (RSS) This blog is run by Eric Ward, highly respected link building expert. The blog publishes tutorials and guides on SEO and link building. Make sure to add this blog to your RSS for quality link building content.

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#10.  WordTracker. (RSS) WordTracker blog covers tips on how to use SEO to boost traffic to your website. Keyword optimization is key to successful SEO and WordTracker teaches you how to take care of that and many more.

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matthewwoodword#11. Matthew Woodward. (RSS) Matthew Woodward walks you through how to promote and market a website, and shares tutorials on SEO best practices. Wherever you find yourself on the blog, you’re guaranteed to find high quality marketing materials.

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#12. KaiserTheSage. (RSS) Based in the Philippines, Jason Acidre’s knowledge and understanding of link building runs so deep that he’s gained international recognition. He publishes articles, guides and tutorials on SEO, internet marketing and link building on the blog.

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#13. Digital Philippines. (RSS) Digital Philippines is run solely by Venchito Tampon, a search engine optimization consultant and link building expert based in Phillipines. Updated with value packed blog posts, tutorials and guides, the blog is a good read.

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#14. TripleSEO (RSS) TripleSEO, by Chris Dyson, covers SEO practices and search marketing best practices from PPC to link building. Chris Dyson also allows contributors on his blog so you’re certain to always get a different perspective once in a while.

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#15. KISSmetrics (RSS) Infographics, webiners, tutorials, analytics and conversion optimization blog, KISSmetrics publishes content from industry’s top experts. KISSmetrics publishes an average of 5 posts each week.

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#16. QuickSprout (RSS) Neil Patel is well respected as an internet marketer. He is the founder of several successful internet companies and he shares tips on SEO, conversion optimization, link building and authority building on his blog, QuickSprout.

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#17. Act-On Blog (RSS) Act-On’s marketing blog covers topics from social media, email to conversion optimization. The blog is updated five times weekly.

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#18. HubSpot Blog (RSS) Hubspot’s inbound marketing blog is the industry’s leading blog on marketing automation and lead generation. The Hubspot’s award-winning blog is one of the most widely read and most cited in the industry. Add Hubspot to your RSS reader and follow top inbound marketing experts.

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#19. MailChimp Blog (RSS) Mailchimp’s blog covers everything from email marketing to list building and marketing automation. We all know that email marketing is one of the strongest backbone any online business can have and the experts at Mailchimp sharing tips on how to be successful at it.

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#20. Smart Insights (RSS) Smart Insight blogs on marketing planning and automation. The blog also publishes tips on improving ecommerce sales based on research-driven results.

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#21. (RSS) shares news, tips and best practices on SEO and digital marketing. Add to your RSS feed and stay informed on what’s new in the ever evolving world of search marketing.

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#22. Business2Community (RSS) Business2Community is where every leader in the online marketing community shares their ideas on what’s working in the industry. From highly-syndicated articles to easy to understand how-to articles, B2C is certain to meet your content needs.

Follow Business2Community on Twitter.

#23. eConsultancy Digital Marketing (RSS) With an average of 5 posts each day, eConsultancy publishes opinions about the digital marketing world, case studies and research. Read the blog and follow what award-winning internet marketing experts are sharing.

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#24. UnBounce (RSS) Unbounce publishes blog posts on conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization and split testing. Add UnBounce to your daily reads and get fresh internet marketing updates.

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#25. Red Lemon Club (RSS) Geared towards the freelancer, Red Lemon Club publishes tutorials, tips and best practices to market to and attract clients for your services on the internet.

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#26. Social Media Today (RSS) Social Media Today publishes an average of 5 posts daily. These articles are written by influencers from the social media community and they cover almost everything about social media and sometimes SEO.

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#27. Social Media Examiner (RSS) If you can’t find it in the blog posts, then you’ll find it in one of the thoroughly-thought and well-researched ebooks on Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner is the go to destination for every social media marketer. Make it your newspaper, and you’ll definitely see improvements in how you do social media marketing.

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#28. Social Triggers (RSS) Derek Halpern uses interesting psychology to influence his business growth and teaches you how to do the same on Social Triggers. Personal development, email list building social media and other internet marketing related articles are posted regularly on Social Triggers.

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#29. Social Media Explorer (RSS) Social Media Explorer publishes an average of 3 posts weekly on social media marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing.

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#30. WebProNews (RSS) WebProNews is the Huffington Post version for SEOs and internet marketers. Did Matt Cutts just made a statement, if its true then Chris Crum, the chief editor at WebProNews must have blogged it.

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#31. Marketo (RSS) The Marketo blog is home to latest trends on digital marketing, and B2B best practices and strategies. Follow the Marketo blog to stay up to date on email, conversion optimization and content marketing tips and latest industry trends.

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#32. (RSS) Richard Marriot quickly made a name for himself and his blog within the SEO space with his top SEO experts round-up. Since then, Clambr has been the go-to source for tips on how to successfully pull off expert round-ups and interviews.

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#33. Digital Marketer (RSS) Want to get daily ideas on driving traffic, improving conversion and boosting engagement? Follow Digital Marketer blog and your daily dose of traffic generation tips and conversion optimization hacks will be coming from the top industry experts.

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#34. Boost Blog Traffic (RSS) Former editor at Copyblogger, Jon Morrow helps writers and would-be internet marketers navigate the trickiest aspect of internet marketing: writing. Follow BoostBlogTraffic to get tips on copywriting, blogging and SEO.

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#35. MarketingProfs (RSS) Find the best marketing ideas from internet marketing professors and professionals in the form of webinars, guides, ebooks, reports and articles on Marketing Profs.

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#36. AudienceBloom (RSS) Seattle based content marketing blog that covers search engine optimization, link building and content marketing. AudienceBloom publishes an average of 5 blog posts each week.

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#37. BlueGlass (RSS) BlueGlass publishes SEO updates, content marketing tips and social media marketing advice. BlueGlass posts an average of 2 posts weekly.

Follow BlueGlass on Twitter.

#38. BasicBlogTips (RSS) BasicBlogTips posts an average of 2 blog posts per week. With a focus on blogging tips, social media and Youtube tutorials, BasicBlogTips has quickly become a trusted source of inspiration for aspiring bloggers.

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#39. BloggingTips (RSS) BloggingTips publishes blogging success tips and other online marketing articles from contributors. Zac Johnson now features a host of bloggers on “Meet the Bloggers”. Add BloggingTips to your RSS feed to get introduced to successful bloggers and internet marketers.

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#40. ChrisBrogan (RSS) Chris Brogan’s blog is where you’ll find posts on business success, blog promotion, social media and other internet marketing related tips. The blog is updated 2 to 3 times weekly.

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#41. Problogger (RSS) Problogger publishes articles on how to build a successful blog, ebook promotion, internet marketing and content marketing. The blog is updated 4 times weekly.

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#42. The Sparkline (RSS) The Fizzle blog, initially Think Traffic, publishes articles on traffic generation, marketing automation, email marketing and how to generate money from your traffic. The blog is updated 2 times weekly.

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#43. BlogTyrant (RSS) Soak yourself away in Ramsey’s guides and tips on how to turn your blog profitable in months and sell your blog for 5-figures while blogging from your couch.

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#44. BlogElina (RSS) Elina curates the most useful blogs and put them in one piece to make access to helpful internet marketing content easy for her readers. There’s so much love in online marketing and Blog Elina shares so much of it.

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#45. NewInternetOrder (RSS) Perhaps, Poland’s most prolific blogger and internet marketing activist. You’re most likely to come across Karol’s well-thought opinion on internet marketing on one of your favorite blogs. NIO did not make this list solely because of that, rather, I find it sinful to keep the high quality content on this blog to myself alone. Well, not that you won’t come across it anyway!

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#46. Social Times (RSS) Follow Social Times on Twitter and add the blog to your daily reading list to catch the latest updates in the social media and online marketing world.

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#47. ViperChill (RSS) Glen does not frequently churn out content on his blog as do most of the blogs in this round-up, but you can bet that whenever his content is out, its always an epic piece.

Follow Glen Allsopp on Twitter

#48. Content Marketing Institute (RSS) You read a post in half and you just itch to share it on Twitter or Facebook. That’s how reading CMI will make you feel. Hop on the list and make sure you do not miss the top content marketing tips and guides published on one of the industry’s most respected websites.

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#49. Web Marketing Today (RSS) The WMT blog covers topics from search engine optimization to conversion and everything in between.

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#50. Velocity Partners (RSS) Digital marketing company based in UK, Velocity Partners dedicates its blog to sharing helpful online marketing tips and results. Add this blog to your RSS reader and learn from some of UK’s top internet marketing experts.

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#51. Aweber (RSS) Think of email marketing, and Aweber is likely going to be the next thing on your mind. Get email marketing and list building tips from successful email marketing experts on Aweber’s blog. The blog is updated twice a week, and you’re certain to come across an email marketing expert you’re familiar with on the blog.

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#52. Bruce Clay (RSS) Bruce Clay publishes an average of 4 to 5 blog posts daily on various internet marketing subjects including SEO, link building, social media and content marketing.

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#53. (RSS) covers topics ranging from marketing a business on the internet, business management and sales. Top internet marketing experts are regular contributors to the blog.

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#54. 2CreateaWebsite (RSS) Website creation is at the heart of internet marketing. 2CreateaWebsite publishes tutorials on website creation, email list building and website marketing.

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#55. Heidi Cohen (RSS) Heidi Cohen shares digital marketing articles on email marketing, social media, search engine optimization and video marketing. Heidi Cohen publishes an average of 3 to 4 posts weekly.

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#56. MyBlogU (RSS) MyBlogU is a community that helps bloggers meet with experts. The blog publishes articles on blog promotion, expert interview and round-ups and search engine optimization.

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#57. Firepole Marketing (RSS) Firepole Marketing blog publishes articles on engagement, blog promotion, ebook marketing and content marketing. There are also contributions from guests on every other internet marketing related topics.

Follow Firepole Marketing on Twitter.

#58. SEO Book (RSS) Want a blog fully dedicated to search marketing and optimization? SEO book publishes articles and tutorials on SEO, keywords, PPC and link building.

Follow SEO Book on Twitter.

#59. Sprout Social (RSS) With an average of 4 to 5 posts daily, Sprout Social publishes articles on social media, Twitter, Facebook and social media marketing.

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#60. Duct Tape Marketing (RSS) Duct Tape Marketing features interviews with experts, internet marketing and business growth topics.

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#61. Eloqua (RSS) Updated 4 to 5 times weekly, Eloqua features articles on data, social media, content marketing and digital marketing.

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#62. Yesware  (RSS) The Yesware blog publishes articles on email marketing, prospecting, sales and leads generation. The blog is updated on average of 4 times each month.

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#63. WordStream (RSS) The WordStream blog covers PPC, inbound marketing, adwords, anaytics and content marketing topics. The blog is updated on average of 6 times weekly.

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#64. Daily Blog Tips (RSS) Daily Blog Tips publishes an average of 4 to 5 posts on blog design, content marketing, blogging and monetization.

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#65. PPC Hero (RSS) PPC Hero blog publishes articles on SEO, Pay Per Click, advertising and analytics. The blog is updated more than 6 times weekly.

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#66. Yoast (RSS) Updated on average of 4 times weekly, the Yoast blog features topics on SEO, analytics, conversion, keywords and social media marketing.

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#67. Jeff Bullas (RSS) Jeff Bullas blogs on digital marketing, social media marketing and engagement and content marketing for small businesses.

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#68. Digital Inspiration (RSS) Digital Inspiration publishes an average of 4 to 5 blog posts weekly. The blog covers topics on website optimization, video tutorials and search engine optimization.

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#69. Search Engine Land (RSS) Search Engine Land publishes an average of 6 blog posts daily. The topics regularly featured on the blog are SEO, Google news updates, internet marketing, search marketing and social media.

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#70. MarketingLand (RSS) With a focus on social media, mobile marketing, display and search marketing, MarketingLand releases an average of 10 posts daily.

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#71. (RSS) A San Francisco based SEO consulting firm, run by AJ Kohn. BlindFiveYearOld features tutorial-like articles on SEO, link building and traffic generation.

Follow AJ Kohn on Twitter.

#72. Distilled (RSS) Distill covers SEO, search marketing trends, local SEO, analytics, content marketing and shares resources on internet marketing.

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#73. Buffer Blog (RSS) The Buffer blog talks sales, social media marketing and content marketing. Buffer also has the collection of free tools for Facebook, Twitter and small businesses. Make sure to check them out!

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#74. CopyBot (RSS) Talk about a copywriter with a poet’s blood. Demian Farnworth, chief copywriter for Copyblogger Media, blogs on effective writing, which is very important to every internet marketer.

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Danny Brown

#75. DannyBrown (RSS) DannyBrown covers several marketing related topics including digital marketing, social media, content marketing and blogging. Add DannyBrown to your RSS feed to catch up with latest updates from the blog.

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#76. Seth’s Blog (RSS) Seth is a renown marketer and teacher. Updated everyday, what Seth shares can be interpreted into any form of internet marketing and used to lure success.

Follow Seth on Twitter

#77.  Raven Tools (RSS) The Raven Tools blog publishes an average of 2- 3 posts weekly. These posts are about SEO, social media, analytics and content marketing.

Follow Raven Tools on Twitter

#78. ConvinceandConvert (RSS) Convince and Convert was named #1 content marketing blog by CMI. The blog focuses on content marketing (obviously), analytics, advertising and everything internet marketing.

Follow Convince and Convert on Twitter.

#79. Hitreach Blog (RSS) Hitreach is a web design and SEO firm. The blog covers topics on website marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing.

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#80. iAcquire Blog (RSS) The iAcquire Blog is updated with articles on content marketing, social media, analytics and search engine optimization.

Follow iAcquire on Twitter.

#81. Google Webmaster Central Blog (RSS) The official Google Webmaster Central blog is dedicated to helping internet markers and webmasters know what’s the latest with Google’s search algos, website optimization tutorials and what SEO practices are safe.

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#82. Level343 (RSS) SEO consulting firm by Gabriella Sannino, her blog shares the latest trends on SEO, SEO audit, social media and content marketing.

Follow Gabriella Sannino on Twitter

#83. Matt Cutts Blog (RSS) You want to know when that white-hat link building method that is earning your clients thousands has become gray-hat. Stay tuned to Matt Cutts Blog, and steer clear of Google’s don’ts in SEO.

#84. Marketing Pilgrim (RSS) Marketing Pilgrim is an internet marketing blog that publishes news on SEO, social media, analytics and data.

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#85. Blogging Cage (RSS) Blogging Cage publishes an average of 5 blog articles on blogging, affiliate marketing, product reviews and interview of other bloggers every month.

Follow Blogging Cage on Twitter.

#86. Problogging Success (RSS) Jane Sheeba has been guest blogging for years, and she has acquired a bundle of experience in blogging and relationship building. Add Problogging Success to your RSS read and tap from experience blogging and building connections.

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#87. Single Grain (RSS) The Single Grain blog publishes articles on several online marketing topics like content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and conversion rate optimization.

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#88. SumAll (RSS) SumAll Blog is a  Data-focused online marketing blog that publishes articles on social media marketing, analytics, media generation and content marketing.

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#89. Entrepreneur (RSS) The Online Marketing blog on is a hub where budding online marketing experts discuss various subjects from social media marketing and latest trends to SEO.

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#90. (RSS) covers conventional internet marketing topics like search engine marketing, sales, social media and other related topics. The focus of the website is very broad so you can dig deeper to find articles on your specific needs.

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#91. Marketing (RSS) Follow the marketing section on and you will get articles on virtually anything in online marketing. Of course, the content are by proven marketing experts.

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#92. (RSS) WinningWP publishes resources for WordPress users. If you’re running a website with a blog, chances are you’re using WordPress. WinningWP also often covers various other online marketing related topics.

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#93. WebDevStudios (RSS) WebDevStudios is a marketing website dedicated to WordPress tutorials and web design. The blog publishes an average of 4 articles weekly on website marketing, WordPress  and website design. WebDevStudios has published series of books on WordPress.

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#94. Forbes – Sales and Marketing (RSS) Get digital marketing advice and blog posts on the world’s top business magazine from the top web marketing experts.

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#95. Mention (RSS) Mention publishes an average of 5 blog posts every week. These blog posts cover topics like content marketing, traffic generation and also includes case studies and guides on content marketing.

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#96. MailJet Blog (RSS) MailJet’s blog covers every aspect of email marketing. The blog is updated 3 times weekly and also publishes resources and tutorials on email marketing.

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#97. Small Business Trends (RSS) SmallBizTrends is an authoritative business site that covers topics related to social media, content marketing, blogging and sales.

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#98. Search Engine People (RSS) Search Engine People publishes articles on SEO, content marketing and social media. The blog also publishes other general web marketing topics.

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#99. Compete Blog (RSS) The Compete Blog is updated on average 4 to 5 times weekly. Topics covered on the blog include analytics, sales, e-commerce and lead generation.

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#100. (RSS) JohnChow is an online marketing and affiliate marketing blog that covers several marketing related topics. JohnChow is updated on average of 8 times weekly.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I know it took a lot of hard work to put this list together and I really appreciated it. I found some new blogs to check out here. I’ll be sure to share this.

    Nice image too!

  2. Thanks so much for adding Vertical Measures to the list. Over 20 people at our company write on our blog on a regular basis, it takes a village to build content and we’re glad to be added to the top of the list!

  3. Wao!!! As a new blogger i should say this is what i am looking for, authority blogs to learn from, your list is unique i must confess, thanks so much for your efforts in putting this together.

  4. Thanks so much for adding Vertical Measures to the list. Over 20 people at our company write on our blog on a regular basis, it takes a village to build content and we’re glad to be added to the top of the list!

  5. Hi Ayodeji,
    Indeed a great list always. This list not only filters marketing blogs but also helps us to learn always something new from these sites. I am pretty much happy to get this list of marketing sites.

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