The Complete Starter’s Guide to Video Advertising (INFOGRAPHIC)

If someone were to tell a major company fifty years ago that it didn’t have to send out salesmen knocking from door to door to sell its product to American housewives, or plaster up immense billboards all over major cities to gain visibility, but instead, that it could make a short video that could potentially become a visual sensation and spread over a million views in less than 24 hours, I’m sure the idea would sound remotely science fiction-y. Well, in just half a decade, a lot has changed. Video advertising is already becoming the next Facebook.

It’s hard for advertising companies to hold customers’ attention spans these days. Both thanks and not thanks to the Internet, information is spread extraordinarily quickly. Consumers get to understand, research and study a brand a lot more than before, but they also have a shorter tolerance for boring or obnoxious advertisement. Video advertising changes all of this. In just a mere 20 seconds, you have to power to captivate and change how consumers see your brand. Here’s how.

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2 thoughts on “The Complete Starter’s Guide to Video Advertising (INFOGRAPHIC)

  1. Powerful infographic!

    Gone are the days where direct sales or door-to-door advertising takes the front stage. Things have tremendously changed over the years, now we have different and fastest means of getting the words out there. I think Video advertising is here to stay for as long as possible, and that’s why Youtube is becoming much more popular day by day.

    Thanks Ayodeji for this powerful illustration. I love the image.

    Do I have the privilege of sharing it elsewhere?

    Olawale Daniel

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