How to Draw Eyeballs to Your Creatives, even when You don’t have World Cup-size Budget

Eventually it’s the season of the World Cup, the event that gathers millions of viewers from around the globe together. Families, friends and colleagues are going to be stick-glued to their screen, tensed and hoping your country wins the match. But beyond that, a lot of you want to know what brands are constantly showing themselves on your screens.

For the big guys with deep pockets (em, bank accounts) forking over millions to get a place on the minds of the World Cup viewers is just another day’s decision. But for the small guy, spending big time on ads is not an option.

However, don’t be drowned in the sad reality that your business is not big enough to afford World Cup-size advertising budget, but take solace in the idea that you could achieve similar returns on a shoestring budget. Yes, you read that right!

The following are brilliant ways to turn the box on it’s head, break it and think outside it in order to give small sized marketing campaigns world cup type returns.

#1. Show Yourself Where Lesser People have Been and Make a Mark

As small businesses are on a constant look out for ways to make exceptional entry into highly saturated channels, there is a struggle to deliver higher quality, and easily digestible content in order to get noticed. But targeting lesser saturated areas or untapped channels will give you an edge and reduce your required efforts.

An example of a company that does this successfully is Eat24 and one very interesting case study was how they used porn sites to gain more customers at 90% lesser than their ad spend on Google, Twitter and Facebook combined.

The method used by Eat24 is only one of many ways to take advantage of untapped sources and you won’t have to spend World Cup advertising budget.

#2. Touch Emotional Issues with Your Creatives

Do you know why Three’s moon-walking pony and the McVitie’s kittens ads were so successful? It’s because there is a non-quantifiable value placed on subjects relating with our emotions. You tend to see an ad to it’s end because it makes you feel happy. The producers might not have to spend so much on the content, but the fact that the creativity team were able to touch your emotions with the ad will make you want to see it over and over again and also want to share it with your friends.

I’m sure you value your family members above everything, if you creatively make your content center around the importance of cherishing your loved ones, your audience will not care if it has been played on the LCDs in Brazil in 2014. They’ll just want more of it.

Here are a few great examples of creatives that take advantage of emotive to their success:

Google India: Google Search: Reunion

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]


Three – The Pony #DancePonyDance

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]


#3. Show Support for Charitable Movements from Your Small Business

Supporting charitable movements can be used as a great means to gain the trust of so many people. Big brands are good at this. You too can take advantage of this for your small business. Showing support for charitable movements do not always cost a arm and a leg, you only have to be strategic enough to make your brand the center of focus while doing it.

There are several ways your brand can front support for charitable movements, but below are some ideas:

1. Create fundraising awareness for an event in your local community. Upload the event to YouTube and share it on your business website.

2. Show support for a cause by lending your voice and voicing support for a minority group.

3. Fund a team to carry out research that supports the efforts of a charity group.


Making an ad successful is highly dependent on the creative efforts invested in making it. By taking advantage of the ideas that I shared above, you can make a successful advertisement on a shoestring budget and still make good impact.

Do you have ideas that we can add to the list? Share it with me in the comment section.

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