Are you Looking to Increase PageRank, Then Build Quality Backlinks

Webmasters are always on the lookout for ways to get on the good side of Google. We seek many signs that will show us that we’re making progress in this effort: the famous Google PageRank toolbar being one of them. Google PageRank toolbar has become so essential to webmasters that many do not believe a website is quality enough if it has a significantly low PageRank or at worse none.

While Google itself has consistently donwplayed the significance of PageRank, it’s undeniable that search users still attach a great importance to it. PageRank is often used by web-users to determine how reputable a website is.

As a result a lot of webmasters are fretting over how to get a significantly high PageRank score. For some reasons you might feel concerned with not having a high PR score. If you are, then you might want to read this post to the last word, as well as watch the 2 minutes video that Matt Cutts made to answer a user’s concern regarding the PageRank update.

Although there is no chance you going to see another PageRank update this year, as indicated by many industry news. But it’s good to make hay while the sun still shines by working towards increasing your chances at a higher PR score when an update is finally announced.

Content is Important, but links will give you PageRank, not Content

In answering to a webmaster’s question on why their website hasn’t gotten a PageRank despite having published countless high quality content on the website, Matt Cutts made it clear that the content you’re publishing on your site won’t give you a PageRank score. Rather, the links pointing to your site from other sites with high PageRank score will.

webmasterAnd what this means is that you actually have to go out there and get people to link out to your website. Instead of sitting back while you expect your high quality content to score you a high PageRank, you should look for websites with high PageRank score to get a link from.

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How Can you Get Natural Links to Your Site Without Offending Google?

If you watched the video made by Matt Cutts, you’ll notice that he pretty much answered this question. But the fact is that there are too many high quality content today that you might not even get a chance of survival. Unless you have a valuable amount of social media followers and email newsletter subscriber, you will struggle to get people to read you high quality post, talk much of linking back to it.

This means you still have to use the “safe” link building methods that are still allowed to get websites to link back to you. Chief of them is guest blogging. By placing guest posts on high authority sites with high PageRank score, you have a chance of passing that PageRank juice to your website organically.

Also mentioned in the video is internal linking within you own website. You can get as much link value from your own website by linking from pages with higher authority on your website to pages with lesser authority. This way you are creating a link architecture that will not only pass PageRank value to other pages of your website but you’re also making it easy for users and search crawlers to navigate your website.

So What Steps Should You Take Now?

If you’re a webmaster with ample time on your hand, and have a lot of other webmasters whose sites have enough high PageRank score, then you should set to work and start asking them to link back to your website. In most cases, majority of them will not link back to you. This means you need to offer them some benefit for doing so. Again, guest blogging will play a very important role in this area.

If you’re an organization without the in-house experts that can pull enough tricks to get webmasters to link to your websites naturally, then you should let us know if we can help you out. It is important that you use only high quality sites that can guarantee you high PageRank score for your link building purpose because low quality sites will not only make no difference at all, it will also result in waste of money for your organization.

Whilst you update your website with high quality content, make sure you’re getting enough links pointing to it from authority sites.

What is you opinion of the Google PageRank updates? Let us know in the comment section.

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