9 Reasons You Should Have a Blog for Your Business Website

blogHow does a business better connect with customers in this inbound marketing age? Those that know the secret will simply tell you that content marketing is the way to go. With a strategic content marketing approach, your business could be generating more traffic and leads than your competitors that are not implementing any content marketing strategy.

What is the best for of content marketing strategy a business could use to draw more customers to its website?

Blogging is the #1 content marketing strategy that can give your website a better chance in the industry. According to a B2B survey, 59% of B2B marketers rate blogging as the most effective content marketing tactic(PDF). There are several similar results that prove that blogging champions as the top content marketing tactic for businesses.

Now what are the benefits your business will gain by having a blog?

#1.) Leverage Content Marketing to Build Your Online Presence

Blogging can help a business to create more awareness and build an online presence without having to go big on your spending. Your online presence can determine the number of businesses or customers that are ready to partner with your company. If your online presence is too tacky, you will be missing on big opportunities to close more deals.

A finding shows that blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links. Having a blog for your website is a very advantageous decision that will help your business grow better online.

#2.) Use Authority Content to Create an Expert Image for Your Business

People like to trust their businesses with experts. This is because experts know what their doing and have a better chance at delivering results. But the downside is that your potential clients might not see you as an expert. How do you convince your prospects that you can get similar results or even better results than the person that is currently servicing their business?

Armed with a blog, you can position yourself as an expert in the industry by regularly updating it with authority content. An authority content is the type only an expert can offer. These type of content provides results without the reader having the need to be guided.

How often do you offer authority content on your blog? Increase the level of time and effort you invest in blogging for your business, and you will soon position yourself as an industry expert.

#3.) Create a Brand for Your Business

Can your customers identify with your business? In the offline world, we all know that Coca-cola is the top caramel colored drinks maker in the world. They created that image by consistently offering their products to consumers in different ways. You might not be able to achieve Coca-cola’s type of success with your business, but by blogging consistently you will be able to brand your name in your prospects minds. Once you’ve achieved this, your prospects will only be able to think about your business when they are in need of a product/service similar to what you offer.


That is when you’ve created a brand for your business.

#4.) Help Customers Easily Engage with Your Brand

What about engagement? We are all aware that engagement is very crucial to the success of any online business today. This is chiefly so because customers are consistently in the habit of contacting multiple companies offering the same service at once. If your business is to survive in the industry that you’re in, you need to give prospects better reasons to go for your company other than “our service is better and cheaper”.

Engagement might be the only reason your client will chose you over your competitor. Blogging will help your customers engage with your brand easily and prevent them from noticing other companies offering the same products or services as you.

#5.) Consistent Blogging Will Help Customers Understand Your Industry Better

We all have been there once and are still going to face the same situation over and over again: dealing with customers that have zero experience in your industry. For the shady service provider, this is an opportunity to exploit unknowing customers out of their hard earned money in exchange for low-quality service. But on the other hand, for you who are looking to offer the best to all your clients it might be a huge draw back.

How do you spend time to explain the basics of how your business will add value to your prospect’s business? This could lead to a lot of stress and unnecessary delays in closing an important deal. By blogging consistently, you are subconsciously educating your would-be customers on how your business works and what to expect from working with you. This will eventually clear a lot of roadblocks for you in the future.

#6.) Grow a Loyal Following Sure to Buy Your Product/Service in the Future

Loyalty is second to nothing when people make decisions on which company to buy from. Why do you think people line up in front of every Apple store around the world once there is a new iPhone? Their customers are too loyal to think of giving up on them. This is because Apple has crafted an image that is familiar to all their customers. An image they can relate to.

People are sure to buy from you when they are well familiar with you unlike with a total stranger. You will become familiar to them when you always show up on their screen, offering advice and sharing tips. With your blog, you have the opportunity to build your readers into loyal followers that will eventually buy from you in the future.

#7.) Learn What Your Customers are Likely to Pay More For

Blogging can also give you the opportunity to elicit immediate response from your prospects. This can give you the advantage to learn from your audience what type of service they’d be willing to pay more for. Happy customers are likely to put more money into your business than disgruntled customer. You can make your customers happy by using your blog as a medium to communicate important changes to your products and services and use the suggestions from their response to offer a better version of your service to them.

BusinessBee and Popforms are two examples that I see are using this approach with their blogs very well.

#8.) Earn Constant Free Traffic from Shared Blog Content

We all know how powerful social media can be in drawing traffic to a website. Why not tap into the profitable traffic opportunity social media sites can offer your business by publishing content that gets shared across many social media channels.

To encourage your audience to share your blog post on social media sites, add sharing buttons that will make it easy for them to post the article they are reading on your blog to their Facebook page and Twitter feed at just one click. WordPress has a boatload of social sharing plugins that you can install on your blog for this purpose.

FirstSiteGuide has a great blogging guide that can help you get started.

#9.) Outshine Your Competition by Breaking Latest Industry News

Aside the regular “Top 10 advice” and “opinion posts” you will find on most business blogs, another prevalent one is industry news. Every once in a while, your readers will come to your blog for the latest industry news. You can take advantage of this opportunity to give your opinion about the latest events and how it can affect your readers’ business.

By regularly breaking news that are important to your audience, you will be able to position your company as a leader in your industry.

What other benefits do you think your business will get from having a blog for its website? Share them with us in the comment section bellow. Don’t forget to share this article on your favorite social media.

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