SHOCKING!! Why You Should Never Outsource to SEO Companies

The talk about SEO is all over the web today, that every Jack and Harry claims to know SEO and is willing to do it for you at a fraction of what SEO

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companies will charge. Should you really spend your money on SEO companies? I strongly do not believe you should make such a fuss about spending your company/investors money on SEO, especially when SEO is already dying.

Okay, enough of the whinnying on why should you not outsource to SEO companies when I cannot even give you reasons? Read on to discover my top reasons not to outsource to SEO companies. Mind you, they are indefinite but these are the ones my little brain will permit.

#1. SEO Companies are too Expensive

Followed by spending a night in one of the most expensive hotels around the world, outsourcing to SEO companies is the most expensive feat in the world. Really? Or why do you think small start-ups die fast, is it not because SEO is out of reach to them? SEO is not what small businesses should be eyeing anyway, just leave that to the likes of GM and PepsiCo.

Why should you, when all you have in the bank is less than $100k, churn out as much as $5k just to rank #1 in Google for “weight watchers”? Can you even guarantee that staying #1 in Google for dumb search terms will bring your company money?

If you’re really looking for a judicious way to spend your business’ funds, definitely avoid SEO companies as much as you can. Buy fancy office chairs and rent a space in one of the most expensive centers in Silicon Valley before thinking about doing SEO for your website.

#2. SEO Companies only Care About Your Money

I know you were not expecting me to say this, but I’m not going to get a good night’s rest if I didn’t. But the bitter truth is that all these companies are only after your money! Yes. The worst part, some of them are even so dumb they don’t know that if your business does not make any money you won’t be able to afford them again! Gosh!

When every business is looking for noble ways to make the world a better place, and some ways to make as little profit as they can. Heck, some are even willing to run their business at loss. Why then should you spend on bozozs that won’t work unless they see your cash on the table?

#3. You Can Do The Tasks Yourself, Trust Me

And come to think of it, who said you need a professional to optimize your website? SEO is freaking easy, anybody can do it! Even you can tweak your website, no matter how large it is, and it will start scaling to the top of every search engines on the internet. Is it more than tags, keywords and oh, I forgot what they usually call the other ones.

Anyway, the bottom line is that you don’t need a professional to help you do SEO on your website. Just set it up, look for really nice keywords like “weight watchers”, “coupon”, and all. Fit it in your title tag as much as you can, make sure your office address is named after your favorite keywords and under a few days, you’re already sitting at the #1 spot!

#4. You Should Not Spend Money on Search Optimization, a Good Product Will Promote Itself

One of the phrases I love to hear most is this: “a good product will naturally market itself, so you should not worry about SEO”. The age of advertising is dead anyway. So why bother.

The good thing is that we are in a new age, and virtually any niche you enter is just starting to grow, and as you’re probably the first one to start a business in the area you’re targeting you do not need to worry about the competition.

Focus on creating the best product your industry will ever witness, allocate 70% of your operating funds to R&D and then go to bed.

#5. Google Wants Your Business to Burn, Why rub the Fuel?

You probably know that Google pretty much controls the internet. So everyone tries their best to please the search monster that knows more about you than you know. If you’ve been studying the trends up till now, considering how companies quickly go bankrupt the moment Google alters one or two of its search algorithms, you and I know that the best way to stay out of the penalty zone is to run from SEO totally.

Google hates optimizing for search traffic, and is not ashamed to tell us that!

Just keep posting your HIGH QUALITY content on a regular bases. Even if you’re on the last page of Google for your site URL, don’t worry I think high quality content should be able to help you get search traffic.

Do you know of any other reasons you should run away from SEO companies? Please, share them with us in the comment section.

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4 thoughts on “SHOCKING!! Why You Should Never Outsource to SEO Companies

  1. Solid points you made here, Ayo. Outsourcing to SEO companies is a “no go area” for small folks but the big guys just have more than enough money to burn, so let them burn the money, :)

  2. All the above reasons are truly effective for outsourcing seo. Outsourcing is the most important way for making money through seo service. I have already follow some of your above reasons which is really help me to earn some money through seo service. Thanks for sharing your thought with us.

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