How to Attract High Quality Visitors to Your Website and Increase Leads for Your Business

social media marketingAttracting buyers for your business is not an easy task, especially if you’re just starting your business. The online world is not an exception to this brutal reality, but there is one advantage to being online. This is the ability to compete on the same ground level with established names and top players in the business.

If you’re reading this blog post, I’ll safely assume you’re planning towards how you can get your business before potential customers. You already know that for a business to be successful online it has to be well known, at least to its potential customers.

Today, I will be showing you how you can attract high quality visitors to your website and increase leads for your business on the long run.

Use Content as Bait

Content serves a whole lot of purposes for marketing a business online. With the right strategy in place, you should be able to draw in a reasonable amount of high quality visitors to your site by sharing relevant content.

Turn your website to a content hub, and people will make sure they don’t want to miss visiting your website in a passing day. Once you’ve achieved this, it’s the moment your readers become loyal to your brand and transforming them to leads for your business should be the next phase.

Content marketing is already very popular among online marketers and so it’s now becoming tough to pull in a lot of traffic just by implementing content marketing. This means you have to be creative and study what content methods work most.

Use Twitter for Your Business

Twitter is a great source of traffic for marketers and Twitter traffic has a high record of converting into leads. It’s a proven record that social media sites are great sources of traffic and leads for B2B websites and drives 5% of overall traffic and leads.

But the reason Twitter is the highest social media channel for traffic and lead referral to B2B websites is that it drives 9 times more traffic than Facebook and LinkedIn. Of all the traffic coming from social media channels to B2B websites, Twitter is responsible for 82% of all traffic.

Tweet about industry happenings to your followers and build engagement through interaction on Twitter. Use Twitter to network with potential customers and leads just the same way you would in a networking event or tradeshow.

Write for Other Websites in Your Industry

Another important way to attract traffic and leads to your business website is to write for other websites in your industry. Offer expert advice and tips in your articles, and mention your website in the resource box so that you can get referral traffic and leads to your website.

You can also use this means to build up your professional portfolio and make a name for yourself as an expert. Referred traffic from websites in your industry can account for almost 10% of your leads.

Writing for other websites in your industry is a win-win advantage for both the host and you the contributor. The readers of that website will be seeing a fresh perspective to the topic being shared on that blog and you are gaining direct traffic to your website in return.

Optimize for Search Engine Traffic

Search engines are still the biggest source of traffic and leads for B2B websites till date. You should find out which keywords your customers are likely to search for when finding your business and optimize your site for those keywords.

Using keywords the right way can help you to rank higher in the search engine results pages. Do you know that each website in #1 position for every keyword search done on Google gets 33% of search traffic for that keyword?

You should familiarize yourself with tools like Google webmaster tools and Google keyword tools. The former will help you stay in good light with Google’s SEO terms while the latter will help you with optimizing your website, blog posts and keyword tags for better search rankings.

Facebook Marketing

While Twitter beats Facebook and LinkedIn in social media traffic and leads generation for B2B websites, Facebook on its own is a goldmine for businesses that are able to get the hand of it.

Research finds that Facebook on its own accounts for 54% of social media-source referral traffic to b2b websites. This means that Facebook is a strong source of traffic and leads for businesses.If you want to market your business on Facebook, make sure you understand the tips that work best and what users are more likely to respond to in order to see the best results.


These tips are a few of the most essential, yet easy-to-understand, ways a business can use its website to attract quality leads and traffic. What other ideas do you have to share, please let us know in the comment?

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