5 Ways to Market Your Blog in 2013

Every day, thousands of blogs are started. Most of them don’t have a particular aim than to just fill in the space. A lot of blogs are competing to get readers, and the ones with good marketing strategies to handle 2013’s form of marketing will eat the bigger slice of the cake. People with the budget can easily hire a blogging consultant to market their blogs, but for those that choose to do it on their own you need to learn the best approach to marketing a blog in 2013.

Read this post further to discover unique ways to market your blog and get more traffic in 2013.

#1. Use Content to Attract Readers to Your Blog

Content has always played a very important role in blogging, but content marketing has never been as important as it is in this year. With a lot of small business owners and individuals creating blogs to draw users to their side, creating content on regular basis is the way to go.

Your blog will be able to attract regular daily readers and also keep existing readers engaged if you’re posting high quality content on your blog frequently.

There are several advantages to using content to market your blog, and below are important few:

  • Attract inbound links to your site from other reputable sources.
  • Build credibility for your blog and establish yourself as an authority.
  • Increase your visibility in search engine and easily rank for high traffic, relevant keywords.


#2. Be Found on Social Media

Whether you like it or not, social media is the best approach to online marketing in 2013. A lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of popular social media channels to turn their websites into mainstream.

Learn the best social media practices and start using content geared towards social media users to increase your blog’s popularity online. Marketing a blog in 2013 can be easy if you have mastered the best social media practices.

Social media will allow you to come across to your potential readers as an expert and trusted authority, and anything you share with them will be taken as expert advice.

#3. Write for Other Blogs in Your Niche

Perhaps, you’ve already heard about this practice from several others. But this time around, instead of practicing this method for the pure intent of increasing your search engine rankings, you should write high quality post for other blogs in order to introduce your blog to their readers.

Guest blogging, as it is known, can serve so many purposes for a blog when it comes to marketing. But the best approach to it in 2013 is to do it without the intention of gaining SEO benefits.

With guest blogging, you’ll be able to get your brand known and you can also get direct targeted traffic in return for an excellent blog post.

#4. Better Optimize Your Blog for SEO

Okay, many people are thinking SEO is dead, but that’s not true. SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, in 2013 has just taken a new direction. For your blog to be well marketed, you need to take into consideration the essential factors that will determine your blog’s SEO performance.

Gaining better search engine rankings takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but you can start by working on your blog’s on-page optimization. This is where you start to consider your meta tag, duplicate content, broken links, your robot.txt and all that. Your blog posts should also encourage search crawlers and not raise a red flag.

The aim is just to make sure your blog is in good terms with the search engines.

#5. Build Your Email-list

Marketing your blog can be tricky at times, but I can assure you one thing. Your email-list is going to turn out to be a gold mine for you. If you want to effectively market your blog in 2013, social media, SEO, content marketing or link building won’t be sufficient. You will need a bullet-proof option like an email-list.

And the best part is that it’s the easiest method. Just sign up with Mailchimp and create an opt-in form for your blog readers to submit their emails. With an email list, you can always tell your subscribers when you have new posts up on your blog.

What other methods do you think you can apply to market your blog in 2013?

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