How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Business

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Content creation is now the focus of inbound marketing. Content creation can be used to attract readers to your site, and create a means through which targeted customers can be connected with your business. With the ever-evolving trends of internet marketing, content creation has become the soul of lead generation and user engagement.

In part, content creation defines inbound marketing, and businesses that knows best how to use content marketing to interact with potential customers and leads will capture the lion’s share of their market in no time. This blog post will capture and elaborate on how you can use content creation to market your business to your audience.

Create a Blog

The first and most important step to use content marketing to bridge the margin between your desired customers and your business is to create a blog for your business’ website. Your blog should be linked with your main website, so that you can immediately reap the rewards of updating your readers with fresh content.

An example of a blog that is linked with the main website is or This way, whenever your content is ranked on search engines, your main site also carries the value that is associated with the content found on your blog.

Be Consistent

It is important to make sure your blog is regularly updated with fresh content. This will create a kind of trust between your blog and your readers, and it will also position you as an expert in the market. You want to make sure that your audience sees you as an expert, instead of a business advocate and direct marketer.

Position Yourself as an Industry Expert

According to Edelman Barometer Trust Report 64% of social users will rather trust industry experts and academic sources. This is a strong proof that marketing will increasingly be in the favour of the one that has successfully positioned him or herself as an expert.

You have to take control of your market-niche by standing out and making your own unique voice heard. Your content is the best place to display your expertise in the niche you’re serving. Connect with other like-minded folks in your niche and leverage their audience to enlarge yours.

Contribute guest posts on other related blogs and increase your audience base. Talk about the success stories of your past customers/clients in your blog posts. This will even give you more credibility as an expert.

Be Niche-Focused

Whatever your niche is, make sure you’re limiting your content to that particular niche. Talking about what is not within your niche circle in your blog posts will not only be considered off-topic, it will also be of no benefit to your marketing efforts. Focus on the specialities of your products and relate it to how customers can build a successful business by using your product in your blog posts.

Pay Attention to Quality

It’s very important to ensure that the quality of your content is high. According to Hubspot’s 2013 state of inbound marketing 18% of marketers are making quality their top priority in 2013. It can’t be overstated, the importance of associating your business with quality content.

Google will do all it can to see that content that provides virtually no benefit to readers get no reward, while favouring high quality content with high rankings. Make your in-house content marketers understand the importance of posting top quality content always.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Posts

Social media is increasingly on the rise and today’s marketing will heavily depend on it for success. This is not just because of the sheer amount of web users found on social media sites daily, but it’s largely owing to the fact that majority of your audience are on one social networking site or more and can easily be attracted when you use social media the right way.

Share your posts on LinkedIn, tweet it to your followers and use pictures to make it more likeable on Facebook. Also make sure you’re not leaving Google+ and Pinterest out.

With a lot of social media sites on the rise, it might be a daunting task to keep up with the progress of your posts on each sites, so you can search for tools that can help you manage your social media promotions.

Optimize your Content for Search

It’s the basic instinct of today’s web user to consult Google before getting a solution to your everyday needs. A lot of potential customers are on Google looking for solution to a particular problem, many of which your business could even have answers to.

Google search
optimize your content for search


The best way to capture these hoards of buyers is by optimizing your content for search engines. Before settling to write a blog post, first of all set out the keywords you want it to optimize for. Make sure these keywords are in the title and in a few subheadings your article will contain.

Doing the following will help your content rank better in search results:

What other methods do you know to make content marketing work for businesses?

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